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Bergen Alliance Counseling                   

Individuals. Children. Adolescents. Couples. Families.


The family is at the core of our existence, giving us a sense of safety and comfort. Conflicts within family, or with one child, can be more troubling than problems we face as individuals.  

Why put a child in therapy?

All families have ups and downs, and most problems can get resolved without the help of an outside child therapist. However, at times, some difficulties need special attention and concern. Parents want their children to be happy, healthy, successful, confident, and emotionally stable. They want school to be a pleasant experience, not one of difficulty. At Bergen Alliance, we see children for a variety of issues or concerns such as, academic and emotional difficulties, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, ADHD,relational issues, conflict with parents or peers, and quite often when parents just do not know what is upsetting their child, but know that something is wrong. It is better to go for a consultation than to ignore an issue that can become worse over time.


. Your child is having ongoing school problems

. Your child is acting out with delinquent or oppositional behaviors at home or at school

. Having difficulties maintaining friendships or is simply acting strange

. Your child has ADHD (ADD, AD/HD) and needs help to cope with this disorder, to better

focus in school, to learn coping strategies, to learn how to become more organized, and for parents

who need a better understanding of what their child is struggling with:

. Your child is depressed, has OCD symptoms, anxiety

. If older your child is your child self-mutilating

. An illness in the family

. Divorce, separation, custody issues

. Your child is becoming more anxious

. School refusal, poor social skills, bullying issues

. Sudden changes in behavior, increased shyness, withdrawal

. Tantrums or consistently argumentative at home or school

. Psychiatric disorder is diagnosed

. Suicidal attempt or ideation

. Child isolates from family and friends

. Sudden shift in school performance